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Carpet Restoration Methods | Ankauf antiker Teppiche, Restauration und Pflege


Our method

Damage assessment
First we determine the type of carpet: Berber, Kilim, oriental carpet or silk carpet.

Carpets are made very differently: knotted, woven, tufted; made with natural or synthetic colors. Choosing the right treatment also depends on wool quality and state of preservation.

Biological hand wash for allergy sufferers or special cleaning for your genuine oriental carpets? After a consultation with you about the further washing or restoration method we measure your carpet and make a non-binding offer tailored to your needs.

Deep cleaning
Based on traditional oriental techniques, the carpet is mechanically beaten, so that deep-seated dirt is loosened, but without affecting the stability of the textile.

Our biological wash
All rugs are hand washed in a water bath. This ensures that different areas can be cleaned with varying intensity and that special attention is given to individual stains. The washing is carried out exclusively with biodegradable products. All of our detergents and cleaning agents are solvent-free.





The carpet is rinsed thoroughly several times and then dried slowly at 20-30°C, so that it does not pull out of shape.